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April 27 Meeting (2017-04-04)

Glades County DEC meeting at 6pm on Thursday, April 27 in the Glades County Public Library (201 Riverside Dr, Moore Haven). Contact Mary Giddens at if you would like more information. [Email for more information] [Location]

DEC Reorganization Meeting (2016-11-27)

Officer elections will be held at the reorganization meeting scheduled for 10am and the public library in Moore Haven on Saturday, Dec 10. We will select State Committeeman & Committeewoman, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. [Announcement] [Agenda]

State Committee Persons (2016-11-27)

The State Committeeman and Committeewoman represent the County DEC on the State Executive Committee and the Congressional District Committee of the Florida Democratic Party. These committees typically convene twice each year at a statewide meeting.

Precinct Committeeman/woman (2016-11-27)

Each of the 13 Glades County voting precincts shall have a Precinct Committeeman & Committeewoman who are responsible for registering & mobilizing voters in their precinct. Those committee persons not elected in the primary are appointed by the DEC. [Decription]

What the Secretary Does (2016-11-27)

Duties of the Secretary include: maintaining membership records, preparation of meeting minutes, cataloging DEC documents in digital formats, submit DEC compliance/ certification documents to FDP, and notify members of meetings.

Responsibilities of the Treasurer (2016-11-27)

The Treasures shall manage and document all financial transactions of the DEC, prepare checks and disbursements at the direction of the chair, prepare and submit quarterly DS-DE-12/13/14 forms to the SOE, and administer the bank account.

Vice Chair Duties (2016-11-27)

The vice chair shall preside in the absence of the chair. Additional duties shall include those assigned by the chair, particularly in the implementation of programs and events.

Duties of the DEC Chair (2016-11-27)

The Chair shall preside at meetings, appoint committee and serve as ex-officio member, direct and sign checks prepared by the Treasurer, enforce the charter and bylaws, recruit precinct reps, and participate in state-level activities.

Bylaws Governing DEC (2016-11-27)

The Glades DEC bylaws are based on the state FDP bylaws which establish rules for all Florida county DEC's. Members include the precinct committee persons and the automatic members (county elected officials who ran as Democrats). [DEC Bylaws] [FDP DEC Bylaws]